Vandal-A collection

Fat Joes Collection. 

Vandal-A is not only an apparel brand, but a freelance company who has completed projects for Nike, Jordan Brand, Reebok, as well as Def Jam Records and Roc-A-Fella Records.

We got together with Vandal-A and drove across the country with this legendary collection to bring it to you at Musee-jacquemart-andreShops. There are many new heaters  in here, as well as many classic silhouettes including; air stabs, air triaxes, air trainers, Air Huaraches, Air Bases, Classic Air Maxes, and more. This collection also includes Reebok Pumps created by Vandal-A with Reebok.

Also make sure to leave an eye out for some of the classic SBs in this collection, as well as all of your other favorite sneakers..

Flud x Mayor Bags